Top Lock Adjustment Question on 1963

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Top Lock Adjustment Question on 1963

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I tried searching for a similar problem and didn't run across anything. I'm currently going through my first major convertible operations issues in twenty years. I've managed to troubleshoot my problems like defective a limit switch and broken wire harness running through the top to the limit switch. I should have the new wiring harness next week to give me a connection to the #1 bow again, and that might make some of what I'm searching for more obvious if I can get the top locks to back out.

Adjustments for the top lock claws aren't well covered in the service manual. I understand the up and down adjustment, but mine are fine that way. I apparently need to adjust them to the right. Currently the drivers side is fully engaged and the passenger side isn't touching anything. This caused the bar to stop between two of the limit switches. Is the lock motor fixed in one spot or is that were the adjustment would be?

I realize it's also possible my entire top frame is out of alignment but it has worked great prior to my current issue caused by the broken wire. I haven't had issues with the top locking and moving on to close the flipper panel before now.

Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Yes, I know the cotter pin is out in the photo. It's already been put back.
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