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DiamondBack Tire Propaganda

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This INCORRECT information is on their website:

Lincoln Specialty Tires

$194.00 – $269.00

Lincoln was the first American car company to use a Michelin tire as original equipment. From 1970-1972, Michelin supplied Lincoln with the size 225R15 with a 3/8″ white stripe for the Mark III, Mark IV and the Continental. From 1973-75, the size was changed to 230R15, still using the 3/8″ white stripe. The 225R15 and 230R15 were almost identical in dimensions. From 1976-78, no Michelins were used. For that time period, Lincoln was using newly developed domestic radials in small whitewalls, but the optional whitewall style of that period was the Jubilee style. This style featured a two stripe design with a 1 1/4″ whitewall and a 1/4″ white accent stripe on top. We have the correct dimensions recorded for exact reproduction of this unique and distinctive style. In 1979, Lincoln went back to the 225R15 Michelin, this time with a 3/4″ whitewall. This style can also be reproduced here. The new Auburn Premium radial has a tread style that is almost identical to the original Michelin design.

Lincoln most definitely used Michelin X tires in 1977, 1978 and 1979. They came standard on my 1978 Mark V and were also on my dad‘s 1977 town car. The Mark V had a 225 x 15 as opposed to the town car’s 230 x15. I do not know where diamondback gets their information from but it is totally incorrect!
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