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Re: Page 9: Need Real Pics of Front Ends of 66 thru 69s

Postby ekm330 » Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:12 pm

RMAENV wrote:lol ekm.. Funny you mentioned the Ford Logo in the headlight. I just noticed the other day that the high beam on the passenger side on mine might be an original as I noticed the Ford logo on the headlight. My car has 50,500 miles.

When I bought my car, both of my high beam lamps had the etched FoMoCo logos, but one of the low beams lacked the logo. Recently, I have found a low beam etched FoMoCo lamp and installed it. Now, all four headlamps bear the etched FoMoCo logo. Most would never notice the headlights, but I know that the logos are there and these little things make me happy :smt004
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