‘65 Deck Lid Not Opening

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‘65 Deck Lid Not Opening

Postby DavidQ » Mon Apr 12, 2021 12:00 pm

Hi and thanks in advance of any help!

I live in Scotland with my 1965 Continental convertible, so advice here is thin on the ground. The car is ex-Texas (via Lincolnland) and in great order. The roof worked well until I stupidly opened the roof into the trunk which had a couple of things lying in it. Somebody pulled them out as the roof went in and then the deck lid closed as normal. Unfortunately the deck lid will no longer open and when the car is sitting with ignition off, the hydraulic rams keep operating in close mode, trying to close it further. I followed the manual and YouTube video from John (thanks) - shorting the relay that unscrews the deck lock but shorting the other relay does nothing and all the while the battery is connected the deck motor works away every 30seconds in close mode. We wonder if a close sensor on the hood arm has been disturbed so the deck continues to try and close and prevents opening/overriding any attempts to short the deck open relay. If this is the case, we’ll have to keep the battery disconnected and go through the mechanical opening sequence by ‘disconnecting the locking bolts underneath the rear cross member’. The diagrams are not great in the manual and there are no obvious bolts visible around the rear bumper - does this need to come off?

Any suggestions, photos, pointers would be really welcome thanks. Cheers all. Dave
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Re: ‘65 Deck Lid Not Opening

Postby frasern » Mon Apr 12, 2021 12:43 pm

I am not as familiar with '65 as I am with '67. If it's similar, there is a small, brass coloured pin (switch) at the rt. front corner of the trunk opening. this is the deck close limit switch. It is easily bent, and could be stuck, or out of adjustment. The bolts for the cylinders may be between the bumper, and trunk floor, up high, hard to spot, but you may be able to access that switch enough to depress it without removing the cylinders.
It seems odd that it would cycle with the key off, I am concerned about it starting up when your hand is in a tight spot.
And welcome, nice to have more Scots on the forum!
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Re: ‘65 Deck Lid Not Opening

Postby action » Mon Apr 12, 2021 1:54 pm

Welcome to the TLF.

A call to John Brewer might be in order

John Cashman is the other top guy.\

The system is designed to complete a sequence and then move to the next sequence. It is difficult to start a new sequence without the total completion of the previous one. And it is all based on mechanical switches. If the switch does not close indicating completion, the system will attempt to continue with that sequence until the switch indicates it is completed.

With that said, I would also ask if you want to join the local LCOC org.
Here is the national site https://lcoc.org/
The local site does not have a web presence

PM if you want more info

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Re: ‘65 Deck Lid Not Opening

Postby DavidQ » Wed Apr 14, 2021 2:36 am

Thanks very much for the feedback folks,

Having tried all of the electrical options, it looks as if the only option is to remove the bolts securing the rams and then reset the various switches. Having looked at the description, the only visible bolts are outboard the subframe rail on each side - on this vehicle everything around the number is boxed in. I’m having another look by releasing the deck lid locks lifting the it a little and using a boroscope to have a look around for clues as to which switch is preventing the cycle from completing.

Thanks very much again,

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Re: ‘65 Deck Lid Not Opening

Postby JAB » Wed Apr 14, 2021 9:49 am

Your primary problem at the moment is that the deck lid is being activated to close even when your hand is off the top control switch on the dash.
If you disconnect the top control switch on the dash, this will prove out whether your problem is in the top control switch or elsewhere.
If the motor continues to run, then I would assume you have a failed deck close relay that has shorted internally.
Disconnect the battery. THEN, try jumping the deck unlock and deck lid up limit switches with independent battery power. This will assure that the deck lid will not continue to be powered down.

Your current situation may damage the deck lid or the deck lid hydraulic rams or the hydraulic top/deck motor.

Feel free to call me and I can run you through it.
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John Brewer
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Re: ‘65 Deck Lid Not Opening

Postby DavidQ » Thu Apr 29, 2021 3:47 pm

Hi John,

Thanks for your advice. Apologies for the delay, been diverted to other things this past couple of weeks but this is certainly challenging me. Since the issue began with me stupidly leaving an item inside the trunk as the roof folded inside and somebody hurriedly pulling the item out of the way, I’m assuming we’ve accidentally upset a top control switch somewhere. I’m furious because the car and hood mechanisms are all restored and in great order. As soon as the battery is connected, the deck motor continues to try and close, whether the control switch is activated or not. It cycles for about 30 seconds. The top switch works to close the deck locks but does nothing when it’s moved to the up/open position. I’ll try your suggestion thanks and get back in touch.

All the best,

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