Here's one for you regarding the auto drop windows on '65

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Here's one for you regarding the auto drop windows on '65

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We are working on a '65 with the rear auto drop windows. The left hand side seems to work just fine now after replacing some relays and the knife switch.

The right side on the other hand has NO power coming to the ORANGE wire at center of down and up relays as well as the ORANGE wire going to the door actuator switch. What I have found out so far is there's a WHITE wire that goes from the circuit breaker behind passenger kick panel that goes to a RED connector on passenger side (GREEN on driver) which brings the what looks like 12 gauge wire to the back behind the rear seat area. Per the schematic this WHITE wire is supposed to change to ORANGE somewhere around there. Problem I have is when I probe this wire around the rear seat area, I get a ground signal, when I back probe 12v to it, the interior light comes on. I am assuming that the WHITE wire runs through the interior lamp relay in the B Pillar?? Am I safe to Cut and run a new wire from the RED connector to the middle of the car and see if I get power at the ORANGE wires at the relay and door actuator switch? Anyone else had this issue???

The previous owner had jumped a wire from the working driver side window DOWN relay's ORANGE wire to the ORANGE wire of the passenger DOWN relay. It was of course overloading the left hand circuit and the DOWN relay on passenger side was too hot to touch!

Any insight would be great!!

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Re: Here's one for you regarding the auto drop windows on '6

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This might help.
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