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transmission problems

I have a 65 Convertible. I ahd the same problem. The part you need is a lower shift tube bushing. Cost is around $18 from Bakers. I couldn't get much information from Steve on how to actually change it. I ended up looking in the manual for the instruction on the removal of the steering column. It to...
by TMaria
Thu Nov 15, 2001 12:23 am
Forum: Engine & Drivetrain
Topic: transmission problems
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Steering Column Disc

If your are talking about the flexable joint or "rag joint" you can get the rubber disc and bolts at a auto parts store. I bought one last year for about $10.00. The company that made it was "HELP" in a red package. They make alot of universal replacement parts.
by TMaria
Wed Aug 15, 2001 11:30 pm
Forum: Engine & Drivetrain
Topic: Steering Column Disc
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